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A Locals Guide To Dinner in Tofino

on August 15, 2019

Settling in for dinner after an adventurous day walking the beaches or surfing is easy to do in Tofino. The hard part? Figuring out which one of the many great restaurants in Tofino to dine at. With an incredible food scene for such a small town, Tofino has at the very minimum a handful of restaurants that’ll have you wanting to come back to over and over again.

One of the common questions we get asked while taking guests on our food tour is, “where is the best spot for dinner in town?” In Tofino, there are many layers to this answer. Not only is the food something to consider but so is the atmosphere, views, and service. Thankfully, we’ve got the answers for you. Below is some insight into some of the favourite dinner spots where you’ll constantly find locals in Tofino dining. This truly just scratches the surface as there are many great options for a tasty meal in Tofino, but the below restaurants are favourites amongst Tofitians.


311 Neill St, Tofino BC | 250.725.2341 | Website

“Chef Lisa keeps creating amazing menus where the ingredients match taste and description. Sobo uses fresh and different seafood (gooseneck barnacles). Plus, they have the best triple margarita in town and their freshly made dessert fridge options are everything you would be looking for.” – Etienne H.

“They have a wide variety of incredible food that doesn’t break the bank, with plenty of interesting drink creations. After that, they have lots of options for dessert including top-notch ice-cream sandwiches. A very nice environment and nice servers too.” – Greg P.

“When friends or family visit Tofino, Sobo is the first place I take them. Not only is there an incredible selection of fresh-tasting meals but they come at a very affordable price. It’s almost next to impossible to leave without getting one of the delicious desserts that are always brilliantly on display as you walk into the restaurant” – Tom J.

“Sobo is the perfect spot for amazing flavour and variety (and awesome veggie options), a great wine list and even better margaritas.” – Alys H.


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Schooner Restaurant

331 Campbell St, Tofino BC | 250.725.3444 | Website

“They check off all of the boxes at the Schooner. Amazing cocktails and great food. I really enjoy the variety on the menu as well, and the service is always welcoming and entertaining. It’s the kind of restaurant I would enjoy having an intimate sit down at or going to split some appetizers with a girlfriend at the bar.” – Christie W.

“I enjoy meat and seafood when I’m gonna go out and spend money on a good dinner and that’s what you get with the Schooner. I love the inside of the restaurant and everything on their menu I would eat.” – Robyn H.

“If you’re looking for a more traditional style of food then you’ll definitely find it at the Schooner. The setting and service is great and the food is simply incredible. Some of the dishes have been around for decades and it’s no wonder as to why. Whether you want steak or seafood, the Schooner has it and you definitely won’t be disappointed. I highly recommend the Halibut Bawden Bay. There isn’t a dish quite like it.” – Brittany W.


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368 Main St, Tofino BC | 250.725.3667 | Website

“Even as someone who loves to eat meat, going to Bravocados is an absolute treat. It’s a quirky little bistro, with incredible tasting food and superb service. They do an amazing job at creating dishes that simulate their meat alternatives. The fish & chips are made from banana blossom and honestly, you can hardly tell the difference from real fish & chips.” – Steve H.

“I have been blown away by Bravocados since it opened last year. I’m a huge fan of the cauliflower steak. Just sooo much taste and I’ve found that all of their dishes are just packed with flavour. Whether it’s breakfast, lunch or dinner, I’m happy no matter what meal I choose to eat at Bravocados” – Swai T.

“While most restaurants in Tofino serve a good veggie dish or two, it was absolutely refreshing when Bravocados opened up last year offering nothing but vegan/vegetarian food. The menu is a great size and features so many incredible dishes that leave you full but wanting more at the same time. Absolutely love the black bean burger.” – Naomi P.


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104 Fourth St, Tofino BC | 250.725.2215| Website

“It’s tiny which can make it tough to get in, but it’s totally worth the wait. I always go with a small group of friends and order a bunch of the dishes to share amongst us. There are lots of great shareable options like the chicken karaage and tuna tataki and some tasty larger options like the miso braised beef.” – Thomas T.

“While their lack of reservations makes for a tough time getting in, I don’t mind grabbing a drink and waiting for a table. Their great take on Japanese food at relatively inexpensive prices make for a treat any night of the week.” – Sam C.

“Kuma is a favourite place and is consistently good in terms of food served, the timing of delivery and service. Chicken Karaage and Bear Tuna are must-have dishes.” – Alan C.


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Tough City Sushi

350 Main St, Tofino BC | 250.725.2021| Website

“Great food, great setting, and great views from the deck in the summer. There are dishes that suit sushi novices and sushi experts alike. With the added bonus of a potential Crazy Ron sighting, you can’t go wrong!” – Mark S.

“Definitely one of the most unique spots to have dinner in Tofino. The building and views off the back deck are stunning enough, but the food takes the whole experience to the next level. They make some fascinating choices of sushi and it all tastes so fresh and is punched with lots of flavours. Sitting on the back deck with views of the harbour and mountains while the sun sets is truly stunning.” – Raymond B.

“Unbeatable view over the harbour on a sunny summer evening with delicious food.” – Ash H.


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601 Campbell St, Tofino BC | 250.725.3353 | Website

“Whether it’s a quick beer after work or a full meal with friends after a surf, I find myself at Shelter on the frequent. The atmosphere is great – especially if you’re sitting outside where you can enjoy the fresh air and the sight of eagles soaring above you. A couple of seafood starters to begin followed by the Tofino Surf Bowl makes for a perfect meal.” – Natalie F.

“It’s one of the most remarkable places in town in my opinion. The setting, the music, the light and especially the food, it’s just the perfect place to chill with friends or your loved one. My tip: the surf bowl.” – Amanda S.

“It’s just such a Tofitian cornerstone. The menu isn’t large and it seems there is always a wait to get in, but you can always count on a consistently good meal in a fun and friendly atmosphere.” – Christina S.


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