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A Locals Guide To Lunch in Tofino

on June 6, 2019

While breakfast may be the most important meal of the day that doesn’t mean you should miss out on lunch – especially in Tofino. With so many wonderful restaurants and eateries in Tofino, there’s no shortage of places to grab a delicious lunch. Whether you’re looking for some quick takeaway burgers or burritos or looking to sit in and enjoy a full plate of food, Tofino is chock-full of options to fill you up for lunch.

Are you wondering where the locals like to get their sandwiches, tacos and more? Below is a list of the favourite restaurants that locals frequent here in Tofino with their very own insight to each spot.


311 Neill St, Tofino BC | 250.725.2341 | Website

“Their lunch menu and lunch vibe are perfect for a casual delicious late lunch. Polenta fries, Thai chicken, or huevos rancheros are some favourites. They also have a great selection for kids, good coffee and great margaritas!” – Johanna D.

“Similar to their dinner menu but more affordable and usually better service!! They have a killer happy hour as well.” – Olivia B.

“Their lunch is unreal and always has been. Grabbing one of their famous margaritas and a spread of their classics, like the polenta fries and tofu pockets, makes for the best lunch in town.” – Samuel C.

“It’s local and healthy and it also has the best smoked salmon chowder.” – Cathy K.


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Rhino Coffee House

430 Campbell St, Tofino BC | 250.725.2558 | Website

“Really tasty sandwiches and sooo glad they are working on creating less take-out waste. Opt to sit in, enjoy the food and chat to the many folks passing through.” – Ashley H.

“The wraps and sandwiches are excellent. Most of it is not too expensive. Lots of options for donuts, brownies, coffee etc.” – Greg P.

“Usually after a crazy morning of meetings, I’m looking to recharge and that’s why I often hit up Rhino for lunch. I’ll grab a tasty sandwich or wrap, perk up with my afternoon coffee and if I’m feeling like a treat I’ll grab myself a donut…if there’s any left from the morning rush.” – James H.

“Rhino is always boomin’ with lots of locals and tourists alike filling up on coffee and donuts. Their Bronut sandwich is a go-to for me when I pop in for a late morning breakfast or early lunch. A sandwich with a donut all-in-one? Why not? It’s something that keeps me coming back over and over again.” – Will W.


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1184 Pacific Rim Hwy, Tofino BC | 250.726.8288 | Website

“A Tacofino burrito is excellent at any time of the day. Especially as it’s in the perfect location to follow up with Chocolate Tofino gelato. I usually get the vegan burrito loaded up with Valentina’s hot sauce, followed by the vegan chocolate salted caramel gelato, so good.” – Alys H.

“If you’re a light-lunch person then I would definitely suggest Tacofino. Not only because it is an amazing Mexican street food truck but because they have an easy menu in which there is always something for everybody (meat, chicken, fish, veggie tacos…)” – Amanda S.

“The wait might be long, especially in the summer, but never have 45 minutes been equally rewarded for lunch or leftovers. A burrito or a taco and you’re set for lunch. An absolute favourite, fresh ingredients and a crunchy first bite.” – Etienne H.

“The burritos are amazing as well as not too expensive which is great. The line can be pretty long but it’s well worth the wait when I have the time.” – Maddie O.


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Wildside Grill

1180 Pacific Rim Hwy, Tofino BC | 250.725.9453 | Website

“Wildside takes fresh ingredients and locally caught seafood, creating simple but wonderfully tasty lunch or dinner plates. Tofino is for spending time outdoors and what better place to sit down and eat after an active morning of hiking, biking, surfing, etc. I also like that they offer daily specials to create meals based on seasonally available seafood.” – Emily G.

“A great grab and go option. Quality ingredients. The West Coast Poutine is to die for and I make everyone who comes to visit me try it” – Robyn H.

“Local fresh caught fish incorporated into yummy burgers and a wonderful chowder. Locally owned and operated, outdoor seating taking in all that is the hustle and bustle of the Beaches Complex followed by a 10% off discount for a chocolate goody or gelato at next door Chocolate Tofino!” – Claire M.


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Sea Monster Noodle Bar

5-421 Main St, Tofino BC | 250.725.1280 | Website

“Whether you want a light snack or something more filling, they’ve got you covered. The steamed buns are packed with flavour, or a more filling option like the Dan Dan will set you up for adventures. If you want a liquid lunch, they’ve got you covered too!” -Mark S.

“I like my noodles drunk and the steamed tuna buns are like eating delicious clouds of goodness.” – Candice B.


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368 Main St, Tofino BC | 250.725.3667 | Website

“Yuuummmmmm! I love all of the vegan options – most of which you would never even realize were vegan. The service is always fast and friendly. I’m able to go for lunch even when I’m working and in a time crunch as things can be prepared quickly. They also have a nice selection of beer, wine, and cocktails.” – Christina S.

“For a town where vegan/vegetarian seemed like it would be easy to get, it’s amazing how difficult it was to find before Bravocados came along. I am forever grateful that these guys opened up as it now gives me a consistent dining option to meet my vegan needs with sooo many delicious dishes to chose from. For lunch, I usually like to get their Cauliflower Wings and the Jackfruit Torta which will blow your mind!” – Emma P.


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