Meet Your Guides

Kate McCallum

Kate is a previous broadcaster and manager in the radio industry. She has worked as a server in the hospitality industry and also writes a travel blog –

Kate spent 2016 travelling across Canada before landing in beautiful Tofino. With Tofino, Kate loves the rich culture and history of the small town combined with the amount of delicious food available. For a small town, Kate’s been wildly impressed with Tofino’s food scene and looks forward to showing you some of the fantastic spots to eat in town.

Kate McCallum Tofino Food Tours
Adam Doolittle Tofino Food Tours

Adam Doolittle

When it comes to food, it’s hard to find someone who is more passionate about eating food than Adam. From the moment he gets out of bed in the morning, he’s planning all three meals for the day. It’s this passion for food that you’ll see and hear when Adam leads you throughout Tofino on your tour tasting a wide variety of delicious food.


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